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It's Easy, Convenient and Fun!

Finding the perfect pair of shades is about much, much more than protection from the sun. Right? Everybody knows: Shades are a fashion statement! Your new shades need to look just right and feel just right - and EyewearSteals.com can deliver that.

Ever been shopping at a retail store, tried on a great pair of shades, looked in the mirror and thought,
"I absolutely have to have these!" - and then turned pale as a ghost when you peeked at the price tag?

Even when you decide to shell out the big bucks, have you ever had the retail store tell you they are out of stock of the style or color you really want?

The Top Dollar Retailers

Stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's charge top retail dollar for their products. And no wonder! Can you imagine the overhead such brick-and-mortar stores are forced to pass on to their customers?

And even though you're paying top dollar at such stores, you're still limited to the narrow selection that store has on hand - or a long wait while they order the shades you want.

Now there is a better way to buy sunglasses! With EyewearSteals.com, no more fighting for a parking space at a crowded shopping mall. No more limited selection and untrained sales staff. No more sky-high prices. Imagine getting two great pairs of shades for the price of one pair at a retail store! That's the EyewearSteals.com difference.

The Bargain Basement Discounters

Some retailers bill themselves as "discount stores," like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Loehmann's and Century 21. The discounters offer lower prices by selling last season's designs and pushing products that are damaged or shelf-shocked. Is that really the fashion statement you want to make?

The EyewearSteals.com Difference

  • Why wait several weeks for Neiman Marcus to order the sunglasses in the color you want, when you can get the exact same glasses in just a few days at a fraction of the price at EyewearSteals.com?
  • Why settle for last year's model at the discount store, when you can get the latest styles at low, low prices at EyewearSteals.com?
  • No sales tax! No shipping cost! No parking wars! No standing in line! That's EyewearSteals.com.

Next time you see the shades of your dreams at a retail store, take a close look at the data printed on the earpiece: the model number, color code and size. Then come shopping at EyewearSteals.com!

If the shades you want are available in our catalog, we'll ship them on the very next business day. If your shades are not listed on our online store, tell us what you're looking for and we'll order it for you - and we'll get them for you much more quickly than if you ordered them at a retail store.

You'll have your new shades before you know it, at deeply discounted prices you won't believe. And our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee makes your purchase completely risk-free.



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